Class Championship.

Ninety-five, 38; Ninty six, 0.

The game between the freshmen and sophomores on Jarvis field yesterday afternoon was the poorest exhibition of foot-ball that has been seen in Cambridge this season. In fact it was not only poor foot-ball, but a disgraceful exhibition, for holding, off-side play and slugging were constant and evident. It is a little ungrateful, perhaps, to criticize harshly officials who act out of kindness to the captains of the class teams, but it is only fair to the men who played to say that there would have been no temptation for their forgetting themselves as far as they did if the umpire had promptly, from the start, put a stop to all unfair play. When men find that they can play off-side, hold and slug with impunity, the temptation to do so becomes tremendously strong, even for men who have been coached to play in the most rigid sportsmanlike manner; but where men go into a game with the evident intention of "doing" their opponents, as the two teams yesterday did, an inefficient umpire is most demoralizing.

The holding was universal throughout lines, and the off-side play, but the slugging was, in general, confined to three men on each team; the three men on the freshman team who were guilty of slugging were Arnold, Faxon and Worden-the the sophomores were Wrenn, Grant and Teele, the latter's work was especially disgraceful.

The game is not worth a detailed description. Ninety-five had things all her own way. Raymond made three touch downs, and Adams, Wadsworth, Jackson and Miller one each. Richardson kicked five goals. The punt out proceedings were peculiar, and what would have happened had Wrenn muffed is not quite evident.

The teams lined up as follows:

'95, '96.


Wadsworth l. e. Dibblee

Cook l. e. Richardson

Pierce l. t. Marston

Grant l. g. Worden

Doucette c. Faxon

Murchie r.g. Rice

Teele r. t. Lewis

Richardson r. e. Clark

Wrenn q. b. Borden

Jackson l. h. Arnold

Adams, Miller r. h. Gouterman.

Raymond, Wadsworth f. b. Hamlin

Time: 30 minute and 10 minute halves