Commencement Officers at Yale.

The following officers and committees have been chosen for Commencement week at Yale.

Orator - Lemuel E. Wells, Cummington, Conn.

Poet - Rufus M. Gibbs, Baltimore, Md. Class Secretary - Winthrop E. Dwight, New Haven.

Historians - A. W. Wheeler, Hartford; C. W. Mills, Denver; H. H. Ticken, Charleston, S. C.; J. Morgan, New York; and T. E. Gatchell, Louisville, Ky.

Statisticians - F. E. Donnelly, Oxford, N. Y.; F. J. Brown, Marren, Pa.


Triennial Committee - M. Taylor Jr., New York City; J. Raby, Cleveland, Ohio; G. Rathbone, Albany, N. Y.

Ivy Committee - R. W. C. Wadsworth, Cleveland, Ohio; J. S. Monroe, Syracuse, N. Y.; L. F. Allan, Louisville, Ky.

Class Day Committee - F. Parsons, Hartford; W. Begg, Hartford; T. J. Chatfield, Orange, N. Y.; L. Hay, Washington; R. B. Wade, St. Louis, Mo.; J. H. Field, Rutland, Vt.

Supper Committee - A. S. Chisholm, Cleveland, Ohio; L. H. Bixby, San Francisco; B. M. Crouse, St. Louis, Mo.; H. C. Beadleston, New York City.

Cap Committee - W. W. Smith, Buffalo, N. Y.; R. B. Wade, St. Louis; N. H. Swayne, New York City.