Votes of the University.

According to an agreement between the Harvard Republican and Harvard Democratic Clubs, the CRIMSON will undertake the entire charge of the voting of the college, the collecting and counting of the ballots and the final publication of the returns. The undersigned have been appointed a committee to take charge of the matter for the CRIMSON. The votes of the following departments will have to be retaken: first year Law School, freshman class and Lawrence Scientific School. The ballots of all other departments will be counted as first taken. The ballots of these three departments will be taken as follows:

FRESHMAN CLASS. Ballots will be left in the seats at the third hour exercises in English A on Wednesday and Thursday and collected at the end of each hour. Men will please make out the ballots and leave them in their seats.

FIRST YEAR LAW SCHOOL. Ballots will be left in the lecture room on Thursday at 10 in the course on Criminal Law. Men will please fill them out at their seats and leave them to be collected at the end of the hour.

LAWRENCE SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL. Ballots will be placed in the hall today from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Men will please make them out during the day.

It will be of great assistance to the committee if the above arrangements are carefully followed and if every man in the three departments will see that his ballot is made out.