Fact and Rumor.

At the meeting of the class of '94 held in Lower Massachusetts last evening, the officers of last year were re-elected and are as follows: President, G. C. Lee; Vice-President, R. B. Beals; Secretary and Treasurer, G. C. Kellogg.

The freshman class of Yale numbers a little over 300.

Amherst's freshman class numbers 132, the largest in its history.

The announcement of advanced courses in Geology has been posted in University.

There will be twenty general tables at Memorial Hall this year, three more than last year.


Professor H. A. Beers of Yale has prepared a volume of "Sketches of Yale Life," which will soon be brought out by Henry Holt & Co., New York.

S. M. Merrill, '94, is to be a member of the B. A. A. team, which will race against the team of the Worcester Athletic club, Oct. 8 in Worcester.