Football Practice.

For a short while yesterday afternoon the 'varsity practice was anything but encouraging. The backs dropped the ball continually, and although the line men of the first eleven broke through readily they could not keep the men opposite them from doing the same. Cranston was again coaching the centre men, and as the practice progressed the good effect of the coaching was seen, for time after time Acton, Highlands, and Lewis broke through and tackled the backs of the second eleven; the men, however lined up slowly.

For the first eleven Mason, Hallowell, and Newell did the most and best tackling, and Gray gained most of the ground.

On the second Upton played very well and Corbett and Fairchild also did some good tackling. Corbett made some beautiful runs around the end and Borden made long gains several times between Highlands and Mason.

The following are the elevens as they played:

1st: Emmons, r.e.; Mason and Waters, r.t; Highlands, r.g.; Lewis, c.; Acton, l.g.; Newell, l.t.; Hallowell, l.e.; Gage, q.b.; Gray and Lake, h.b.; Burgess and Trafford, f.b.


2nd: Bond, r.e.; Upton and Grant, r.t.; Blake, r.g.; Shea, c.; Sheldon, and Mackie, l.g.; Waters and Shea, l.t.; Collamore, l.e.; Fairchild, q.b.; Corbett and Webster, h.b.; Burgess and Borden, f.b.