Football Practice.

After the regular work at the tackling machine in the cage yesterday afternoon, the men lined up for practice on the field in the following order:


Emmons, (left end) Bond, (Foster)

Mason, (left tackle) Shea, (Upton)

Waters, (left guard) Mackie


Lewis, (centre) Shea

Acton, (right guard) (Tukey, (Eddy)

Newell, (right tackle) Blake

Hallowell, (left end) Collamore

Gage, (quarter-back) Fairchild

Corbett, (half backs) Burgess.

Lake (half backs) Borden

Trafford, (full back) Fennessy

The work on the whole was rather encouraging as the men played with a good deal of snap, and the rushers broke through and tackled well.

There seemed throughout a tendency to drop the ball and this became much more noticeable toward the last part of the practice.

The interference was good especially that of the backs and several very pretty long runs from the middle of the field were made by Corbett and Lake. Both Lee and Cranston were on hand to coach, the latter paying special attention to the work of the centre and guards.