Class Championship.

'93, 4; '95, 0.

In the final game of the class series yesterday the seniors defeated the sophomores by a score of four to nothing in a well-played and hard-fought game. The work on both sides was usually steady with only a few brilliant plays. During the first twenty minutes '95 held her ground firmly, and once or twice by Jackson's good rushes advanced the ball well into '93's territory. But towards the end of the half the seniors' superior weight, aided by a long rush of twenty-five yards made by P. T. Jackson between right tackle and guard brought the ball up close to the line and then pushed it over. Parker punted out well but Duffield missed the goal. The sophomores then by steady work advanced the ball down the field and seemed to have a good prospect of scoring when time was called. In the second half Whitman took Wardner's place. The play was very even but owing to the darkness neither side was able to accomplish anything.

Ninety-three won the toss and took the ball. Parker gained ten yards on the V; '93 dropped the ball and Cook fell on it. Wardner made a gain of four yards and Jackson went through the centre for ten; Jackson tried for the left and cut inside for four yards; Phelan gained three yards through the centre. The next time the ball was dropped but Wrenn fell on it; Phelan kicked outside and '93 had the ball on her thirty-yard line. '93 tried the centre twice and made gains of seven and five yards. Falk made seven yards through the left tackle. The centre was tried again with no gain. Jackson then made a beautiful rush between right tackle and end and gained fully thirty yards. '95 then got the ball on four downs. '95 gained a little by rushes of Phelan and Jackson then lost the ball to '93 on four downs. '93 went through the centre for ten yards, and then tried her centre again but dropped the ball and Richardson fell on it. '95 made little gain and lost the ball to '93 on a fumble. Parker made ten yards through right tackle and Jackson made another pretty rush of twenty yards. '95 got the ball on a fumble and made ten yards through the centre, then lost the bad to '93. By two long rushes '93 carried the ball across the line, but failed to kick a goal. Score, 4-0.

'95 made a good gain on the V and then pushed the ball rapidly down the field. When about twenty yards from '93's line time was called. The second half was very much like the first except that '95's defensive play was a little stronger.

The team play was equally good on both sides and there was almost no slugging. Both teams evidently had to play their best and '93's victory was not due to any accident, but was fairly earned.

The teams were made up as follows:


'93. '95.

Pierce l. e. Wadsworth

Ellsworth l.t. Cook

Broughton l.g. Grant

Winslow c. Doucette

Chew r.g. Murchie

Falk r. t. Teele

Dibblee r.e. Richardson

Jackson h.b. Jackson

Parker h.b. Wardner

h.b. Vhitman

Duffield f.b. Phelan