Fact and Rumor.

Princeton's library subscribes to 180 periodicals.

The first Forensic in English C. is due next Tuesday.

Princeton has cancelled the game with Stagg's eleven.

Brown University has started a department of fine arts.

Upton will probably go to Chicago with the B. A. A. in Tukey's place.


Amherst's preliminary catalogue shows a total of 382 students.

Corwin '87 and Terry '85, are among the new coaches at Yale.

Dr. Conant examined the freshman eleven yesterday afternoon.

A new interscholastic football league has been formed at New York.

The libraries at the U. of M. and Williams are kept open on Sundays.

The finals in the junior interscholastic league will be played next week.

Heffelfinger played on the Yale second eleven, yesterday, opposite Beard.

Tuesday's number of the Pennsylvanian has a cut of the U. of P. eleven.

The Mensa Academica at the University of Vienna will be opened Nov. 18.

A series of cross-country runs is to be instituted at the University of Michigan.