Hare and Hounds.

A very successful hare and hounds run was held yesterday afternoon. notwithstanding the threatening weather. About twenty-five men competed, and but for the rain of the morning, the number would have been much larger. The hares were J. Manley '93 and D. W. Fenton '95. The start was made at 4.10 and a plain trail five miles in length was laid up North Avenue, across the yards to the Episcopal School, down Mt. Auburn street to the water's edge. Here the trail lay across a small arm of the Charles river, thence up Boylston street, by the Cambridge library in a circuitous route ending at the Harvard Observatory, where the break took place. The hounds were led by J. O. Nichols L. S., as master and report no difficulty in following the trail. The hounds arrived at five o'clock. A. Blake '93 was first, J. O. Nichols L. S., second and F. C. Hinckley '95, third, the rest of the pack being well up. The hares arrived thirteen minutes ahead of the hounds, having six minutes to spare. A new set of rules governing these runs has been made out and it will be noted that the hares receive no prizes, whether they win or lose. Thus there will be no incentive to lay a poor trail.

The rules, which will go into effect on Monday, the day of the the next run, are printed below in full.

1. The pack shall be under the direction of the master of the hounds who shall also act, as pacemaker. The pack must keep within calling distance of the master until the latter gives the signal for the break.

2. Any member of the pack refusing obedience to the master in the discharge of his duties, renders himself illegible for a prize.

3. The master shall be appointed by the Harvard Athletic Association, before each meeting. He shall carry a whistle or horn, and shall control the actions of the pack by the following signals: by blowing once to stop, and twice to go on.


4. The hares shall carry paper, cut in pieces about two inches square, in bags sufficient to last the length of the run, and shall lay a plain trail, from start to finish.

5. The hares shall have selected their course beforehand, and during the run must at all times keep together.

6. The pack shall follow the trail and are not allowed to leave it and cut off ground at any time.

7. In case of water, any member of the pack may go round, but must take up the scent on the opposite bank.

8. The brake shall be indicated by a pile of paper.

9. The first two hounds in a all be the hares in the next run.

10. The hares shall have five minutes start.

11. The first and second hounds will receive first and second prizes. The third hound will receive a third prize provided the three hounds get in within twelve minutes of the arrival of the hares.

12. The start shall be made from the Gymnasium at 3.45 p. m.