Fact and Rumor.

A press club has been organized at Dartmouth.

Nineteen men have signed for the Democratic dinner.

The loss of the Harvard - Cornell game at Springfield was $400.

Heffelfinger played with the Alleghany A. A. eleven on Saturday.

Hopkinson now leads the Interscholastic League without a game lost.

Mr. Edwin Ginn of New York has presented the Vassar library with $200 worth of books.

The Shooting Club has arranged another match with the Wellington Gun Club for next Tuesday.

There was a comparison of the Harvard and Yale elevens by Bull of Yale in yesterday's Globe.

The Hare and Hound run of the Cycling Association was postponed Saturday on account of the bad roads.

Senator Stanford has offered to build chapter houses for all Greek letter fraternities at Stanford University.

One million dollars is needed by the trustees to complete the building, equipments and organization of Chicago University.

Prof. Edward J. Phelps, of the Yale law school, will represent the United States at Berne. Switzerland, in the Bering Sea arbitrations with England.

Professor John Fiske lectured to the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences in Association Hall, Thursday. His subject was "Spain, France and England in America.

Football games on Saturday resulted as follows: Yale 28, U. of P 0; Amherst 30, Dartmouth 2; Cornell 42, M. I. T. 12; Springfield Training School 12, Williams 10; Exeter 28, Andover 18; Groton 34, St. Marks 10; Hopkinson 24, C. M. T. S. 8.