'96 50 - A. A. C. 12.

The freshman eleven had very little difficulty in beating the Amherst Agricultural College eleven in their game played Saturday on Jarvis field. The result of the game was very encouraging for '96, as the Amherst eleven is considered quite a strong one. The team work of '96 was very good and strong, while the interference was also good. The men, however, fumbled the ball entirely too much and this weakened their game considerably. The defensive work was often very effective, '96 getting the ball several times on four downs. The touchdowns were made either by Arnold around the end or by Fennessy and Gould through the centre. The high tackling of the Amherst team was partly responsible for their defeat as the Harvard backs often made several yards after being tackled. One of Amherst's touchdowns was on a fluke. Following is the order of the players:


Richardson l.e. r. e. Manley

Lewis l.t. r.t. Henderson

Worden l.g. r.g. Boardman

Russell c. c. Howard

Rice r.g. l.g. Burrington

Clark r. t. l.t. Duffield

Brewer r.e. l.e. Melendy

Borden q.b, q.b. Tineco

Arnold h.b. Perry

Bullard h.b. Bagg

Gould h.b.

Fennessy f.b. f.b. Davis


On Saturday for the first time in five years, Exeter defeated Andover in the annual football game. The frequent scoring of both teams made the game a very interesting one to watch, although at no time did Exeter lose the lead. The playing of both teams was especially good, but Exeter showed throughout greater steadiness and better team work, Andover depending, largely for her gains on brilliant individual rushes. In point of weight, too, Andover was clearly overmatched. They found the V which Exeter formed by taking back her ends and tackles almost irresistible. Twombly, Exeter's centre, was much too heavy for Holt, Andover's centre, and it was through holes that Exeter made most of her gains. A few times, and then with only tolerable success, Exeter tried plays around the end.