Fact and Rumor.

Vail is coaching the freshman crew.

The Glee Club sang at Melrose last night.

Beals '94 and Cabot '94 are coaching the freshman team.

The average age of the Yale eleven is 21 years and 5 months.

The suits for the Yale varsity and freshman elevens have arrived.


Seats for the Harvard - Yale game are selling for $15 at New Haven.

The Princeton Tiger has a new design on its front page this year.

The Union Theological Seminary has just been presented with $175,000.

There will be a convention of '93 university men at Chicago next summer.

W. G. Brownson, of Yale umpired the Amherst - Dartmouth game Saturday.

Butterworth, Yale's full-back, has burst a blood-vessel in his elbow.

The University of Pennsylvania intends to build a hospital to cost $180,000.

A course in journalism will be offered at the University of Chicago, in the spring.

A few $2 and $1.50 tickets for the Harvard game are still for sale in New Haven.

The Young Men's Catholic Association of Boston College has formed an athletic club.