Fact and Rumor.

Old John is to appear to-day in costume.

There will be no recitation in Economics 10 today.

Dartmouth's new athletic field contains nine acres.

The Cornell football team will attend the game today.

For the past week the Yale Gun Club has practised daily.

The new Yale Infirmary will be ready for use next week.

A Freshman Mandolin Club has been formed at Princeton.

The only exercise the eleven took yesterday was a short run.

A new Cricket Club called the Bostonians is being organized.

One hundred new lockers are now being built in the gymnasium.

Columbia spends $500,000 annualy; Yale, $400,000; U. of M., $400,000.

Corbett and Brewer practised kicking on Holmes yesterday morning.

The new Yale infirmary is completed. It has 23 bedrooms, and cost $75,000.

For the last few nights Lake and Gray have been sleeping at Dr. Conant's.

The B. A. A. eleven defeated the New York A. A. eleven by a score of 40 to 0.

The New York School of Applied Design for Women has already 112 students

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