House and Yard Rules.

The faculty has sent around to each room in the college dormitories the following rules:

1. Every student is responsible for the maintenance of good order in his room.

2. No student shall occupy rooms in the college building during the summer vacation, without leave of the Bursar.

3. Every member of the Senior class who lives in a college room is required to vacate it as early as the first Saturday after Commencement.

4. No student shall keep a dog in a college room, or in any building in charge of a college officer.

5. No student shall play ball in the yard, or on any grounds immediately belonging to a dormitory, or other college building.

6. No musical instrument shall be played upon, and no singing shall be allowed, except between one o'clock in the afternoon and nine o'clock in the evening. No boisterous music, or playing upon drums, or other harsh instruments, shall be allowed at any time.