Harvard Rowing Club.

The scratch races for four-oared crews will take place Thursday, Nov. 3, at 3.30 p. m. sharp. The boats will be held for the crews to practise in on Wednesday and on Thursday morning. The course is one-quarter mile in front of the Weld Boat Club. Following are the crews as they have been drawn.

1st Crew - P. S. Abbott, S. H. Foster, E. B. Lambert, W. H. Sterns.

2nd Crew - C. J. Morrison, H. S. Cotton, G. D. Curtis, W. B. Whitney.

3rd Crew - W. R. Peabody, P. Nichols, A. A. Marsters, J. W. Lund.

4th Crew - P. G. Mumford, T. Beebe, R. D. Stephens, H. G. Dorman.


5th Crew - W. Wells, C. B. Gleason, J. C. D. Hitch, E. Norton.

6th Crew - C. L. Hayden, A. M. Kales, A. M. Chase, S. S. Furman.