'96 ELEVEN. - All candidates for the freshman eleven be on Nortons at 2 45 sharp.

A. BORDEN.Temp. Capt.PIERIAN SODALITY. - Rehearsal of new music at 4.30 today.

THE following men will please act as ushers at the Joint Debate tonight: C. W. Keyes, C. Falk, P. V. K. Johnson, R. Emmet, G. H. Ingalls, R. T. Lawrence, J. B. Lowell, G. C. Lee, R. M. T. Moss, F. B. Campbell, W. H. McClintock, A. B. Hand, H. Hutchinson W. L Thompson, F. S. Converse, B. H. Rounsaville, A. H. Whitridge, H. C. Fox, A. F. Cosby, E. H. Warren, P. L. Atherton, D. W. Fenton, R. Bisbee, A. N. Broughton, H. A. Bull, D. D. Cassidy and S. C. Richardson.

'VARSITY ELEVEN. - The following men will be at the Cary Building dressed at 3.15 sharp: Emmons, Upton, Waters, Mackie, Lewis, Acton, Mason, Hallowell, Trafford, Brewer, Corbett, Gage, Foster, Fennessy, Blake, Brice, Beals, Fairchild.

H. A. A. - All those who won events in the freshman games Monday, may obtain their prizes at Leavitt and Peirce's, provided they enter the 'Varsity games. Second prizes are given to men where three or more compete.



WORCESTER ACADEMY CLUB. - Meeting tonight at 8 Holworthy, 7.45 p. m. Mr. Abercrombie, delegates from Brown and Amherst will be present.

ALBERT E. BAILEY, Sec.THE following men will be at Leavitt and Peirce's at 1.20 sharp ready to go to Andover: G. B. Pierce, P. W. Wrenn, R. D. Wrenn, Teele, Whittren, Murchie, Eddy, Russell, Gould, Oppeuheim, Duffield, Falk, Macallister, A. L. Jackson, G. C. Lee.