Yale 12. Princeton 0.

As was generally expected Yale defeated Princeton yesterday. Princeton's failure to score allowed Yale to finish this football season, as she did the last, without her opponents scoring. Hall's poor work alone prevented Princeton from making a touchdown. Princeton in the second half had the ball three times within 10 yards of Yale's line. Hall lost it twice, the first time by foul interference, the second by a fumble. Laurie Bliss and King did the best work for their respective colleges. Both were severely injured the former being obliged to leave the game towards the close of the second half.

Play began shortly after two o'clock with W. A. Brooks of Harvard as referee, and S. V. Coffin of Wesleyan, umpire. Princeton won the toss and took the wind giving Yale the ball. L. Bliss made 9 yards on the wedge, to which "Pop" Bliss added 4 through the centre. The ball was then passed to L. Bliss, who, guarded by Butterworth, C. D. Bliss and Hinkey got around the right end, and scored a touchdown just one minute and fifty-seven seconds after the beginning of the game. Butterworth kicked the goal; score Yale 6, Princeton 0. During the remainder of the first half Yale acted largely on the defensive but kept the ball within Princetons territory, it being on the 30 yard line when time was called.

Princeton kept the ball within Yale's territory for the first ten minutes of the second half. Then Yale forced the ball down the field. Stillman followed up a punt add scored Yale's second and last tuchdown twenty minutes after the beginning of the second half. Butterworth again kicked a goal. Score, Yale 12, Princeton 0.

For the next thirty minutes the play was very exciting. Princeton forced the ball three times to Yale's ten yard line, but failed to score. The game throughout abounded in brilliant plays and strong defensive works.

The teams lined up as follows:


Hinkey, l.e. Randolph,

Winter, l. t. Lea,

McCrea, l. g. Wheeler,

Stillman, c. Balliet,

Hickok, r. Hall,

Wallis, r. t. Harold,

Greenway, r. e. Trenchard,

McCormick, q. b. King,

L. Bliss, Graves, l. h-b. Poe,

C. D. Bliss, r. h-b. Morse,

Butterworth, f-b. Homans.