Special Notice.

DANCING CLASS. - Mrs. L. J. Chandler's Dancing Class Tuesday, Oct. 4. at 8 P. M Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. Private lessons.

1y.SECOND SEASON. - Harvard Dancing School. Roberts Hall. Tuesday's and Thursday's 9 to 6. Private lessons, $2. All the latest dances. Call at the hall or address Prof. Geo. P. Chick, Posse Gymnasium, Boston.

tf$10.00 REWARD will be paid and no questions asked for return of a seal-ring, with seal of a man's head in Roman armor, ost at Springfield or in the cars between Hartford and Springfield on the day of the Harvard and Yale game. Apply to


47t3LOST. - On Wednesday night, a black purse, containing a twenty and ten dollar bill. Finder will be liberally rewarded on returning the same to Felton 5.



MRS. French will give instruction in dancing to those wishing private lessons, singly, or in small classes. 38 Winthrop St., cor. Holyoke.


ECONOMICS I. - Attention is called to a new edition of a Synopsis of Mill's Principles of Political Economy, revised to date. This book of about one hundred pages contains the main working principles of the larger text book of over one thousand pages.

It is of inestimable aid to the student in preparing for the weekly written questions and will save hours of study in preparation for the mid-year and final examinations.

EDW. W. WHEELER,418 Harvard Street, Cambridge, Mass.

t-m-wCONVERSATIOAL German in small classes and tutoring in German. Four years experience. Good references.

M. Binder, '93, 41 D.

45 47-49-51

THE Cambridge Safe Deposit and Trust Co. at No. 424 Harvard St. cor. of Linden is now doing a regular banking business.

Checks will be cashed on any Bank or Banking House in the U. S. and interest is allowed upon daily balances subject to check.

Banking hours 8 a. m. to 2 p. m. Safety Vaults open from 8 a. m. to 2 p. m. and 5 to 6 p. m.