The game yesterday against the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was an improvement over the Amherst game, and an encouraging improvement, too, since Technology played a game very similar to Amherst's; they relied on push-plays through the tackles for their gains, just as Amherst did, but with this difference, that instead of bringing back their ends alone to make the play, they dropped their tackles back, too. For a time, in the first half, this play worked very successfully, and they forced Harvard back from the centre to the twenty-five yard line, and then again to the fifteen yard line. But toward the end of the first half and throughout the second, the play was stopped almost every time in a manner that was very encouraging, especially as the Harvard defense was excellent against all of Technology's other plays. Harvard's aggressive work was on the whole very good, especially in the blocking off for Gage round the left end. Gage at halfback played well, following his interference in good style, as did Brewer, but the latter's work was marred by a fumble on the fifteen yard line, after catching the ball from a kick, that might have proved very costly if Corbett had not dropped on the ball.

The game started with the ball in Harvard's V, but it was soon lost to Technology on four downs. Technology worked it ahead a little, and then lost it again, and Harvard started a series of gains which ended in Brewer's making a good run and touchdown. Goal, 6-0. Technology lost the ball after the V. and Corbett kicked. Andrews was rattled by the yelling of the Harvard ends and muffed, Hallowell getting the ball and scoring a touch-down. Goal, 12-0. Technology now used the push-play and forced the ball as has been described first to the twenty-five, and then to the fifteen yard-line, but lost it there on four downs, and did not again make any gains of note. Harvard, however scored two more touchdowns, one by Gage and one, by Corbett, from which one goal was kicked. Score, 22-0.

In the second half Gage made two touch-downs, from which Trafford kicked both goals. The ball reached Harvard's fifteen yard-line once on a kick. Final score, 34-0.

The referee and umpire were Mr. Clark of M. I. T., and Mr. Segur of, Dartmouth.

The teams lined up as follows:


Emmons 1. e. Nash

Upton 1. t. Cushing

Mackie 1. g. Gilman

Lewis c. Mannahan

Acton r.g. Taintor

Mason r. t. Johnson

Hallowell r. e. P. H. Thomas

Trafford q. b. J. W. Thomas


Gage h. b. Rockwell