H. A. A. - A mile bicycle race will be added to the events on Saturday, if enough entries can be secured.


H. A. A. - Those who intend to go into the varsity games on Saturday may make their entries at the Gymnasium from ten to one on Wednesday and Thursday. Entries close Thursday evening at 10 p. m. with the secretary.

28-t3ALL solicitors of the Harvard Democratic Campaign Club will please report at No. 23 Beck Hall between 4 and 6 p. m. today, and those who cannot report at that time will please do so between 7 and 8 o'clock today.

Every solicitor is expected to be on hand.

J. STERNFELDChm. Canvass'g Com.REPUBLICAN PARADERS. - There will be a man at the corner of Holyoke and Harvard sts., from 4 until 7 tonight to fill torches. A charge of 5 cts. per torch will be made.


REPUBLICAN CLUB. - Admittance tickets for the Rally Saturday night, in Boston, may be obtained at 28 Holworthy at 2 p. m.

REPUBLICAN DRUM CORPS. - Meet tonight at 6.30 at Square. Be prompt.

HARVARD REPUBLICAN CLUB BAND. - Special car for Hotel Vendome at 6.45 sharp.

H. F. KENT.CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. - Meeting this evening at 6.45 in Holden Chapel. All members of the University, especially new men, are cordially invited.

DEMOCRATS. - It is absolutely necessary that all Democrats intending to march to Tremont Temple Friday evening should sign the blue book at Leavitt's in order that the committee may know how many electric cars to order.