Republican Parade.

The Harvard column of the Republican parade, to be held in Boston this evening, will form in front of the Vendome Hotel on Commonwealth avenue at 7.30 p. m. The order will be, Law School, '93, '94, '95, '96, Dental and Medical Schools. All marshals and aides will report at 23 Holworthy today at 2 o'clock. Special cars will leave Harvard square at 6.30.

The following have been selected to act as marshals:

Law School. - A. J. Cumnock, E. J. Lake, W. F. Flint, C. F. Draper.

'93. - A. J. Dibblee, J. A. Burden, Jr., H. I. Sewall, T. Hoppin, M. Dunn, D. R. Vail, S. C. Davis, F. Converse, F. Town-send, L. Thompson.

''94 - J. M. Glidden, J. M. Thompson, C. Clarkson, K. Smith, D. W. Shea.

'95. - E. H. Poole, H. H. Richardson, R. D. Wrenn, A. D. Irving, J. S. Wadsworth, W. Ames, H. A. Bull.


'96. - H. Clarkson, Motte, Sneider, Sayer, Whitehead, Fennessy.

Medical and Dental Schools. - G. L. Taft, C. H. Quirk, T. B. Hayden, W. J. Walton, R. W. Gilchrist, J. M. Hilton, M. M. Spear.