Fact and Rumor.

Princeton's rushline averages 183 pounds.

A Freshman Glee Club has been formed at Princeton.

The first catalogue of Yale alumni appeared in 1714.

There are 116 applicants for lockers at the gymnasium.

Corbin, the captain of '88, is now coaching the Yale eleven.

Cumnock acted as umpire at the Yale - Wesleyan game on Saturday.

250 students at Princeton have registered as voters in Princeton.

Norton has taken Greenway's place at end rush on the Yale e' even.

Hallowell and Newell saw the Yale - Wesleyan game on Saturday.

Yale and the University of Pennsylvavania play in New York on Saturday.

Yale is now the only college team which has not been scored against this season.

Rev. Lyman Abbott is one of the lecturers at the University of Michigan this year.

A baseball league will be formed in Chicago, this year. to play indoors during the winter.

J. L. Dodge entertained the speakers of the Republican Club rally at Young's Saturday evening.

The University of Chicago publishes a "Quarterly Calender" in the interests of University Extension.

Professor F. W. Hooper has given the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences $10,000 for an endowment fund.

The thirty sixth annual meeting of the Association of New England Colleges was held at Williamstown, Thursday.

The University of Pennsylvania is to have a new dormitory costing $125,000. It will be the largest in the United States.

Prof. A. A. Stagg, physical director at the University of Chicago, is lecturing throughout the West on "The Modern Athlete."

Football games on Saturday resulted as follows: Yale 72, Wesleyan 0; U. of P. 6. Priceton 4; Andover 24, Yale '96 0; Dartmouth 24, Williams 12; Tech. 6, Amherst 4; Brown 0, Trinity 0.