Fact and Rumor.

Salt Lake City is to have a Presbyterian College.

Yale has students from fifteen foreign countries.

Some new dormitories are being built at Andover.

At Cornell 512 students receive free tuition each year.

The Junior promenade at Yale will take place on January 25.


The freshman eleven training table is at the Crimson Cafe.

The University of Pennsylvania will have a base-ball cage.

The Yale Christmas vacation will be from Dec. 21, to Jan. 10.

Only one-third of the students at Harvard room in dormitories.

T. W. Lamont '92 is a reporter on the New York Tribune.

In 1890 Harvard beat Cornell 77-0 and last year it was 54-0.

The Commons at Yale seats 466 students, and has a waiting list of 200.

Princeton plays the Orange Athletic Association team this morning.

The engagements of Lockett '92 and Landon '92 have been announced.

The Technology sophomores beat the freshmen yesterday by a score of 14-0.