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Miller '93 and Wells L. S. were referee and umpire of the Dartmouth-Williams game at Hanover on Saturday.

The class of '92 Princeton, will, give a dinner at the Arena, in New York, the evening after the Yale-Princeton game.

H. L. Williams, Yale's famous hurdler and half-back, has entered the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania.

Irvine, of Princeton, has been appointed referee and Tracy Harris, of Princeton, the umpire, for the Yale-Pennsylvania game on Saturday.

A debate on the issues of the two political parties will be held at Princeton, between two men chosen from each of the campaign clubs.


The Trinity branch of the St. Paul's School Alumni Association has offered a silver cup to be played for by the three School club elevens.

The presidential vote at Brown result cd in 250 votes for Harrison to 63 for Cleveland.