CONFERENCE FRANCAIS. - There will be a meeting of the conference at 8 o'clock on Wednesday in No. 8 Robert's Hall. Rev. W.B. King will address the society on "A Month in Paris."


H. S. STONE, SEC.ALL new clubs formed during the past year and not represented in last year's Index must send list of officers and members to Wm. H. Wiggin Jr., 6 Beacon St Boston before Nov. 12 if they are to be represented in the Index this year.

tfVARSITY FOOT BALL. - Practice will begin at 2.45 sharp. Every man must be prompt. If any man cannot be dressed ready for play at that time he must see me before 1 p. m. today,

All those who do not tackle before playing must tackle immediately after practice.


B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.'96 ELEVEN. - All candidates for the freshman eleven be on Jarvis at 3.00 sharp. Great need of more men.

A. BORDEN,Temp. Capt.2ND ELEVEN NOTICE - The second eleven barge will leave the Cary building at 3 o'clock sharp. Everyone must be on hand to give the team the best possible practice during the five or six days that remain before the Yale game.

B. W. TRAFFORD.HARVARD WESTERN CLUB. - There will be an important business meeting followed by a smoker, Thursday evening, Nov. 19, at 7.30 in the Union Club Rooms over Roberts Hall. The meeting is intended to welcome all new men, who live west of the Alleghenies, and who desire to identify themselves with the west.


C. B. PIKE, Sec.CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. - Prof. Thayer will address the meeting in Holden Chapel Thursday evening at half-past six.

E. R. BAND,Recording Sec.HEREAFTER French 1b will meet in Harvard 5.

R. L. SANDERSON.FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB. - There will be a rehearsal on Monday, Nov. 14th, at 6.30 p. m. in No 1 Hilton's. The following men: Armstrong, Harris, Booth, Braman, Williams, C. L. Bremer, Hildreth, Sayles, Hazelton and Farovid, will be prepared to play "The Enchantress Waltz" by T. L. Lansing.



Temp, Sec,HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. - The following men will please be at Leavitt's at 12.45 to go to Wellington: Gould, Sargent, Pierce, Steadman, Heckscher, Clark, Talbot, Gibson.

C. B. PIKE, Capt.PIERIAN SODALITY - Rehersal at 4.30.