FRENCH 2. - Cinna is now on sale at the co-operative.

R. SANDERSON.HARVARD INTERNATIONAL LAW CLUB. - There will be a meeting tonight Dec. 14th at seven at No. 5 Linden St.

R. P. BOWLER, Clerk.CANOE CLUB. - Smoker and election of officers Thursday at 7 p. m. Roberts Hall.


J. H. MORGAN, Purser,THE first set of Forensics will be returned in Sever 10, at 3 o'clock on Saturday, Dec. 17. Mr. Baker will be in Sever 10 at 1.30 on Wednesday and on Friday. The Thursday hour will be omitted this week.

PIERIAN SODALITY. - Full orchestra rehearsal at 4.30. Small orchestra must be at Brattle Hall at 7.30 sharp for rehearsal.