The Botanical Departments.

Although there have been no marked changes in any of the botanical departments during the past year, there have been a number of important additions, Foremost among these is the new museum presented to the Arnold Arboretum by Mr. H. H. Hunnewell. The building has been completed and will add much to the opportunities offered by the Arboretum.

In the Botanical Museum much work has been done in the equipment of special laboratories and much new apparatus has been added, especially for study of plant physiology. In the economic division, the museum has lately received some important accessions, notably from Japan, consisting of eastern food and medicinal plants, including typical Asiatic fruits and drugs. Cases are new building to hold this Economic Collection. A bronze memorial tablet has recently been placed in the room of the Ware collection of Blaschka glass modals of flowers. As yet he collection is unarranged. but after the first of February when a large instalment of models is expected, the whole collection will be arranged and label ed.

The two magnificent palms at the Botanical Gardens outgrew the green houses and broke through the roof; as there were no suitable houses for them at the garden they have been taken out and presented to the Word's Fair. Some men may be interested to know that a number of orchids at the Botanical Garden are just now coming into bloom.

Within a few weeks the University will publish a pamphlet describing fully the work and the courses offered in all the botanical departments.

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