Conference Francaise.

The Conference Francaise held a dress rehearsal of the comedie "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme," before the members of the society, last evening in Brattle Hall. The comedie, though the same given last year, has had many additions made to it, and is far superior in every way to the former production. The ballet dance especially deserves praise. Messrs. T. Hoppin, Sevens and F. Hoppin kept splendidly together, and were very graceful, the orchestral accompaniment lending an additional rhythm to the dance. The Turkish ceremony at the end of the fourth act was also one of the features of the performance.

The playing of the Pierian Sodality was a new feature and lent much to the general livliness and pleasure of the evening. The music of the air sung by the master of music in the first act and the drinking mug in the second, is by Lulli. The following is the cast of characters: -

M. Jourdain J. L. Stickney '95

Mme. Jourdain H. C. Sherwood '93

Lucile R. Soutter '94

Nicole H. C. Smith '93

Cleonte A R. Tisda e L. S.

Covielle J. T. Kilbreth '94

Dorimene M. Ostheimer '94

Dorante J. R. Oliver '94

Maitre de Musique R. M Winthrop '93

Elsve S. E. Marvin '93

Maitre a Danser Paul Washburn '95

Maitre d'Armes C. R. Stetson '94

Maitre de Philosophie W. G. Howard Gr.

Maitre Tailleur H. S Stone '94