CRIMSON MEETING. - There will be a regular meeting of the CRIMSON Board tonight at 6:45 sharp.

NINETY-THREE CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER. - The contract for the class work has been awarded to Pach Bros. Mr. Tupper is ready to begin work at once. Seniors are requested to sit as soon as convenient.


Committee.H. T. S. - At 4.30 p. m., at 3 Holworthy.

m'93 CREW. - There will be an important meeting of last year's '93 and substitutes in my room, 78 Mt. Auburn St., Tuesday evening at seven o'clock,

GEORGE E. BURGESS.VARSITY GLEE CLUB. - Rehearsal this afternoon at 5 o'clock.


B. WELLS, Sec.MANDOLIN CLUB. - Rehearsal tonight at 7 p. m.

C. R. STETSON, Sec.PIERIAN SODALITY. - The small orchestra will play at Union Hall Boston Tuesday. The librarian will see to the music and racks.

HARVARD RELIGIOUS UNION. - Meeting tonight at 6.45, in Holden Chapel. Rev. E. H. Hall will speak. All are cordially invited.