How '93's Scholars Stand in College.

In connection with the list of men to whom Commencement parts have been assigned, it is interesting to see what these men do except to study, and also to see what proportion of men do nothing but study. Of course this last classification must not be taken literally, for there are very few men in the list who have not some interest outside their books. However, in order to draw some line between those who do and those who do not enjoy social advantages in the college, the class of "members of societies" is made to include members of the Hasty Pudding Club, Pi Eta, Delta Upsilon, Institute of 1770, O. K., and the Signet. Then besides the members of the 'varsity and athletic teams, the class or 'otherwise athletic' includes all men who have identified themselves strongly with athletics. Members of 'varsity musical organizations are also recorded. The table is made up from the list of provisional assignments of Commencement parts published in the CRIMSON of December 15.

Total assignment of parts 105

On 'varsity teams 7

On class teams 7

Otherwise athletic 3

Total of athletic men 17

Members of societies 42

Not members of societies 63

In musical organizations 11