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THE 'Varsity Glee Club starts on its western trip this afternoon and it has the best wishes of the University for as pleasant and successful journey. This trip has now become an expected annual occurrence and in some respects it is of no little importance. It is doubtful whether the club is in greater interest in Harvard to the extent of drawing more men here. Probably few students come here from the west because they have heard the Harvard Glee Club sing. But the club exerts good influence in drawing graduates together for a familiar entertainment that brings backs many pleasant recollections. It keeps alive Harvard spirit and interest among her graduates and from this point of view the trip of the club is of considerable value.

The Mathematical Lib+++ will be closed during the vacation. Men may take out books over the vacation.

An endowment of $66,000 has been made to the university of Virginia to establish a chair of English literature.

"Phunny Phillips Phor Phive Years" has just been published by Andover Academy. The book is on sale for one dollar.

The Graduate Club of the Harvard Annex gave a reception to President Hall of Clark University Tuesday afternoon.

At a meeting of the Classical Club last evening, Mr. Charles P. Parker. B. A Oxon., lectured on "Student Life at Oxford."

For the past few years the Phi Beta Kappa at Yale has been a non active society, but this year it is proposed that the society devote it self to a study of the problems connected with the progress and success of American political and social institutions.