Special Notice.

DANCING CLASS. - Mrs. L. J. Chandler's Dancing Class Tuesday, Oct. 4. at 8 P. M. Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. Private lessons.

1y.SINGLE room to let, 23 Reads Block. Apply to Janitor.

57t3ECONOMICS I - Attention is called to a new edition of a Synopsis of Mill's Principles of Political Economy, revised to date. This book of about one hundred pages contains the main working principles of the larger text book of over one thousand pages.

It is of inestimable aid to the student in preparing for the weekly written questions and will save hours of study in preparation for the mid-year and final examinations.

For Sale at the Co-operative, Sever's, and Wheeler's 418 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass.


58t3TUTORING in History I

G. F. ROUILLARD '94.58t2

3 Grays.Will the gentleman who took a sweater and a running shirt with a green H on it from locker 207 please return it to "Jimmy."

58t2HISTORY 1. - Tutoring.

C. E. WHITMORE, Jr.,45 Hastings.