Fact and Rumor.

The Eissouri State University which was recently destroyed by fire may be rebuilt in another part of the State.

Dartmouth's remodeled "gym.," when completed, will contain a swimming tank 80 by 20 feet in dimensions.

The next theme in German 4 is due March 15. The subject is, "Idhaltsgabe von Torquato Tasso."

President Eliot will address the cadets of the Riverview Military Academy Poughkeepsie, N. Y., tonight (Feb. 17), Subject: "Heroes Known and Unknown."

The new catalogue of Adelbert College at Cleveland, shows a total attendance of 713 undergraduates, with a corps of 65 professors and instructors in all departments.


At the annual meeting of the intercollegiate athletic association to be held on Feb. 27, Yale will be represented by W. B. Wright '92, R. B. Wade '93, and a third man still to be chosen. Of the three Harvard delegates J. H. Hunt '92, and J. S. Cook '92, have been appointed.

The following clipping from the Yale News shows the possible stand that Yale will take in regard to tug-of-war contests at the intercollegiate games: Tug-of-war team. - The candidates for the University tug-of-war team will commence active training next Monday under the charge of Britton, P. G., and all men wishing to try for positions on the team must hand their names to Mr. Dole, immediately.

Speaking of English entrance examinations for colleges Prof. Beers of Yale says: "The entrance requirements in English, recommended by the commission of New England colleges, and adopted with more or less success everywhere in New England except at Yale, have been severely criticised, and to Yale it seems prudent to await the result of these experiments, and to postpone any definition of her own policy in the matter until the question confronts her as a practical one, calling for immediate action."