Winter Meetings.

The executive committee of the H. A. A. has decided to hold three indoor meetings in the gymnasium this year instead of two meetings as it did last year. The first meeting will take place March 12 and will consist principally of sparring and wrestling. The events will be as follows: heavy weight sparring, 160 pounds or over; middle weight sparring, under 160 pounds; light weight sparring, 140 pounds or under; heavy weight wrestling, 160 pounds or over; middle weight wrestling, under 160 pounds; light weight wrestling, 140 pounds or under; feather weight wrestling, 125 pounds or under, and putting 16 pound shot.

The second meeting will occur March 19, and this will be the first ladies' day. The programme will be made up of bantam weight sparring, 115 pounds or under; feather weight sparring; running high jump; contests in tumbling and on the parallel bars, and the two following open events, pole vault and flying rings.

The last of the winter meetings and second ladies' day will be March 26. The open events are tumbling, fence vault and running high jump (3 in. limit). The closed events are contests in fencing, broadsword, club swinging and horizontal bar. The open events are open to members of the Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association and to several of the better known Boston and New York clubs by invitation.

It was also decided to hold an open handicap meeting on Holmes Fild, May 7. These games will be open to all amateurs. The games with Yale come off on May 14, at New Haven. The annual I. C. A. A. A. meeting for the intercollegiate cup takes place at New York, May 28.