Fact and Rumor.

There are 299 students at Exeter.

A National Base Ball Association has been formed in England.

The first issue of the Phillips Andover Mirror was out Monday.

The Seventh Regiment games will be held on April 2 in New Haven.

Boston University will hold a spring meeting on Fast Day.


The Yale junior crew began training under A. H. Wallis '93, yesterday.

There will be no hour examination in Fine Arts 4 before the spring vacation.

Iphigenia and all of Wallenstein must be read outside of class before the finals in German 2.

An hour examination on the ground covered since the mid-years will be held in History I, April 4.

Gallaudet has been put at stroke on the Yale crew. It is thought that he will be the permanent stroke.

There will be an hour examination on Wallenstein's Lager in German II on April 4.

The Yale University nine will play its first game of the season with a picked nine of professionals, at the Field, April 2.

The Freshman nine at Williams will be chosen from the following men: Woodward, Fargo, Ide, Taylor, Eaton, Evans, Alden, Townsend, Payne, Mather, Babbitt, Sanford and Strong.

The Princeton foot-ball management has bought a ten oared barge from the Y. M. C. A. of New York city, and will train the candidates for next Fall's eleven in it. - Yale News.

The following candidates for the U. of Penn.'s base ball nine have been measured for suits: Lansing, McFadden, Mackay, Bayne, Thompson, Cake, Devlin, Vail, Stokes, Moran, Rambo, Edwards and Hunter.

The Columbia College University lectures "The Evidences of Christianity," will be delivered this year, by Right Rev. William Alexander, D. D., Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe. Dr. Alexander is one of the pillars of the High Church of England, will also address Harvard students several times.

From the records of Yale College during the past eight years it is shown that the non-smokers were 20 per cent. taller than the smokers, 25 per cent. heavier, and had 66 per cent. more lung capacity. In the last graduating class at Amherst College the non-smokers have gained in weight 24 per cent. over the smokers; in height, 37 per cent., in chest girth, 42 per cent., and in lung capacity, eight and thirty-six hundreths cubic inches. - Ex.