Third Winter Meeting.

The third winter meeting on Saturday afternoon, was not quite as interesting as the second one, but still was much better than any of last year. Fearing's beautiful jump of 6 ft. 1 in., was an appropriate and brilliant ending to this series of successful meetings.

The handicap fence vault was the first event on the program. Daniels of Phillips' Exeter, who made a new record for the school in the recent indoor meeting there, was supposed to be the drawing card in this event, but he failed to appear, and the only contestants were A. H. Green, '92, and J. Connor, B. Y. M. C. U., who had a handicap of 3-4 inches. The bar was started at 6 feet, and gradually raised to 6 ft., 10 1-2 in., which both cleared. Connor failed to go any higher, but Green vaulted 7 ft. 3-4 in., 7 ft. 1 3-4 in., and 7 ft. 2 1-2 in., successfully, but failed at 7 ft. 3 1-2 in., by just barely touching the fence. He took first place an actual jump of 7 ft. 2 1-2 in.

The winners of the preliminary bouts in fencing, which were held Friday evening, were T. Richardson, '94, F. L. DeLong, L. S., Y. J. Oliver, '94. and R. Stone, '93. In the trial bouts on Saturday, DeLong made 5 points to Richardson's 3. Oliver and Stone were very evenly matched, but the first managed to make the deciding thrust and won, 5 to 4. In the final bout between Oliver and DeLong, there was considerable excitement. Oliver scored two points in succession, then DeLong made two, and Oliver immediately afterward again scored twice. This brought the points to 4 to 2, and it seemed as If Oliver would win, but in the next five attacks, there were two double touches, and three touches for De Long, giving him the bout by a score of 5 to 4.

F. W. Moore '93 won first prize in the horizontal bar, and S. B. McNear '95 was second. The only other entry was C. R. Bardeen '93, whose work compared very favorably with McNear's. Moore was certainly entitled to first place. His giant swings, forward and back, ending with fly aways, were the features of the event and were executed with skill and grace. At the close of the contest, Bardeen, McNear and Macallister '93 gave a very difficult combination act on the bar.

J. C. Hancock drew the bye in the broadsword event and left P. R. Turnure '94, and R. Stone '93, to fight out the trial bout between themselves. Turnure was quicker and stronger and won comparatively easy, scoring the ten points while Stone made six.


In the final bout, which came after the tumbling, Turnure had the better of it against Hancock, from start to finish, winning 10 points to 7.

The tumbling was not as interesting as in the last meeting. R. D. Farquhar '93 was not quite up to his usual form, and Nagle, B. Y. M. C. U., proved himself the best man in the opinion of the judges, though his superiority was not so very apparent.

The running high jump was the best event to be contested. T. E. Sherwin, '94, led, followed by C. D. Heywood, M. I. T. A. A., A. H. Green, '92, J. E. Morse, B. A. A., G. R. Fearing, '93, G. C. Chaney, '94, and E. B. Bloss, '94. The bar was placed at 4 ft. 8 in. No one met any serious difficulty until 5 ft. 6 1-2 in. was reached. Here Morse, B. A. A., jumped poorly, and dropped out. Bloss had no better luck, and at 5 ft. 8 in., Sherwin and Chaney, were forced to retire to the settee and become spectators. Green succeeded in clearing 5 ft. 9 1-2 in., but failed at the next height. To overcome Green's 2 in. handicap, the bar was placed at 5 ft, 11 3-4 in., and this Fearing cleared very prettily. The bar was next put up to 6 ft. 1 in., and on his second trial, he sailed over with apparent ease, but did not try to go any higher.

The officers of the meeting were: Referee of general events, G. B. Morrison, '83; judges of general events, C. H. Kip, '83, G. S. Mandell, '89; judges of gymnastics, J. Bowler, A. T. Dudley, '87, C. Eberhard, B A. A.; referee of fencing, Dr. T. A. DeBlois; judges of fencing, W. Clark Noble, J. C. Potter.

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