Freshman Crew.

The freshman crew now has all the time it needs in the tank since the 'varsity has gone to the river. Heretofore Jones has not had time enough to accomplish what only can be accomplished by much time by any coach. The first crew only has been rowing in the tank; now both crews will row there.

The men of the first crew will be forced to invent some way of showing a good deal of ability, perhaps a little more than they have shown yet or some of the second crew men will relieve them of any such responsibility. Some on the second crew have shown a great deal of improvement within the last ten days. Grant has come to them from the 'varsity and is rowing at No. 5. He showed that he has much natural ability, and with close application to his work and Jones' coaching he ought to be an addition to his class crew. Before Grant came in the crews rowed as follows in order:


Stroke, Davis.

7, Purdon.


6, Cook.

5, Stackpole.

4, Whittren.

3, Briggs.

2, Lambert.

Bow, Cameron.


Stroke, Capen.

7, Kaven.

6, Goodwin.