Interscholastic Games.

The third annual indoor interscholastic meeting, given under the auspices of the Boston Athletic Association, will take place Saturday, March 5, in Music Hall. These games are of especial interest to Harvard men, because many of the contestants in these games will enter Harvard this fall. The efforts and records made by these men will be watched with unusual interest, as they will show something of the athletic ability of the class of '96.

The first meeting given by the B. A. A. for schools of the Interscholastic Association was in 1890, when a banner was presented to the school winning the greatest number of points. Last year Hopkinson and Roxbury Latin schools each won the same number of points and so a cup was given to each school. A silver shield is now offered, upon which the name of the winning school will be inscribed each year. At the end of six years, the school, which has won it the greatest number of times, shall claim it as its property. The Interscholastic Association consists of twenty schools and nearly all of them have representatives in this meeting.

The events and some of the possible winners, who will probably enter Harvard this fall, are given below:

40 yards dash. - B. Hurd Jr., B. H. S.; C. L. Smith, B. and N.; J. W. Edson, R. L. S.

300 yards run. - C. L. Smith, B. and N.


600 yards run. - C. H. Brewer, H. S.; W. Blakemore, R. L. S.

1000 yards run. - C. H. Hallowell, H. S.; W. Blakemore, R. L. S.

Half-mile walk. - C. W. Norton, H. S.; P. J. McLaughlin, W. H. S.

Running high jump. - H. Phelps, M. A.; M. D. Dunning, R. L. S.; R. Codman Jr., H. S.; L. Sayer, E. A.; K. H. Lewis, N. S.

Running high kick. - C. J. Paine, H. S.; W. H. Phelps, M. A.

Putting 10-pound shot. - J. Shea, H. S.; J. F. Driscoll, N. H. S.

Pole vault - W. W. Hoyt, R. L. S.; M. D. Dunning, R. L. S.

The team race between Hopkinson and the Roxbury Latin School will be a close and exciting race. Hopkinson is represented by A. H. Brewer, H. A. Endicott, R. H. Hallowell, F. L. Huydekoper, H. A. Rice and H. S. Grew. The Roxbury Latin team will be made up of F. P. Smith, C. Skinner, J. W. Edson, M. D. Dunning, A. W. Blakemore and P. B. Sawyer.