Spring Squad.

The spring squad will finish its work next Monday by a game on Norton's field at 4 o'clock. Two elevens and substitutes will be chosen from the men who have been playing. The make-up of the teams will probably be as follows:

Emmons, (left end) Olney.

Pinkham, (l.t.) Beals.

Berry, (l.g.) Mackie.

Fogg, (c.) Hall.

Fairbank, (r.g.) Palmeter.

Pierce '95, (r.t.) McDonald.

Pierce '93, (r.e.) Collamore.

Draper, (q.b.) Gage.

Oppenheim, L., (h.b.) Lake (capt.)

Gleason, R., (h.b.) Jackson.

Trafford, (full-back) Hoag.

Subs. - Teele, Cosby, Yost, Merriam, Macallister, Cloyes, Reardon and Flower.