FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB. - Rehearsal tonight at 6.45 in 27 Holyoke.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. - Last shoot for the Caswell cup today from 2 till 5. At the meeting Friday, MacKay and Sargent tied for the cup, with Norton a close second.

'92 NINE. - The following men will be at the gym. at 3.30 sharp, dressed to play Cambridge Latin School: Codman, Young, Rankin, Thorndike, Pillsbury, Curtis, Brown, Lake, DeWolf and Allen.

'VARSITY MANDOLIN CLUB. - Rehearsal today at 1.30.

THE photograph of the '92 Phi Beta Kappa will be taken at Pach's Studio, Tuesday, April 26, at 1 o'clock sharp.


A. R. BENNER, Sec.FRENCH 1a. - May 1, falling on a Sunday, themes will be due May 3, but no credit will be given for themes handed in after that date.

FRENCH 6 - The theme due May 1, will not be required before May 6.

F. C. DE SUMICHRAST.PIERIAN SODALITY AND VARSITY GLEE CLUB. - Meeting of the officers of the two clubs in 1 Weld, this afternoon, at 1.30.

B. WELLS.'93 NINE. - The following men will be on Norton's Field at 4 o'clock sharp to play the English High School nine: Gilmore, Winsor, Dinsmore, Manley, Dolan, Stubbs, Conro, Farquhar and Sanborn.

To prevent any misunderstanding about the price of cabinet photographs to the present senior class, we would announce that the first dozen will cost $3, and every dozen after that, $2.

'92 PHOTO. COM.HARVARD ROWING CLUB. - The club will hold scratch races on Tuesday, May 3d. The crews will be drawn by lot from all the entries. Course, a quarter of a mile. Sign at boat house or at Leavitt & Pierce's, before 1.15 on Monday, May 2d. Fee, 25c.