Fact and Rumor.

The Williams nine has begun outdoor practice.

The Brown ball team trained every day during vacation.

The Dartmouth base ball nine starts on its Southern trip tomorrow.

The Yale junior crew rowed on the harbor yesterday, for the first time.

The next issue of the CRIMSON will appear on Wednesday morning, April 13.


The Columbia college base ball team began training Monday with fifteen men.

After April 7th, the Princetonian will be published daily, except Saturdays and Sundays.

A number of Brown's students have applied for entrance examination at the new Chicago University.

Spaulding's Base Ball Guide for 1892 is out and among its new features is a player's directory.

Professor Franklin, of Johns Hopkins, has been appointed Professor of Mathematics in Leland Stanford University.

The Oxford crew for the coming University race went over the course in 20 minutes and 55 seconds, last Wednesday.

The Right Reverend William Alexander, Lord Bishop of Derry, will deliver a course of three lectures at St. John's Memorial Chapel, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at 4.30 p.m. He has just finished a course of lectures at Columbia, which have been very popular. These lectures will be open to the public.

The contest for second place in the fencing having been postponed from the Winter Meeting came off Friday night at the rooms of the Harvard Fencing Club. It was between those only who had been defeated by the winner, Delong, and of these Richardson '94 retired leaving J. R. Oliver '94 and C. N. Barney M.S. Oliver won the bout and the cup by a score of 5 to 4. Mr. Rondelle acted as referee.