CRIMSON NEWS. - All matter for publication in the CRIMSON which is sent through the mail must be addressed to "30 Holyoke Street." News may always be left at Leavitt & Peirce's or at the Sanctum on Linden Street before 9 o'clock.

NEARLY all the senior class have sat for their photographs. Will the rest please sit at once.

'92 PHOTO COM.SOPHOMORE THEATRICALS. - Every man must be at the rehearsal at 2 o'clock sharp. Very important.

PROFESSOR NORTON will be unable to meet his course in Fine Arts 4 this morning.

FRENCH 9. - Themes are due this Tuesday morning. The Oraison funebre d'Henriette de France will be continued.


F. C. DE SUMICHRAST.FRESHMAN NINE. - The following men will be on Norton's dressed to play the Cambridge High and Latin team at 3.45 sharp: Lighthall, Rogers, McAdams, Boyden, Read, Gilmore, Phelan, Dodge, Cassatt, Mills, Dreyfus, Worman, Brown, Bigelow. In case it rains all candidates will be at the cage at four sharp.

JAMES S. WADSWORTH,Temp. Captain.NOTICE. - The following men will please come up to 10 Little's Block tonight at 7 o'clock to elect a captain for the '94 nine: Paine, Corbett, Mackie, Dickinson, Linfield, Harding, Frothingham, P. Cabot.