Harvard-Yale Chess.

Little progress in the chess match has been made the last two weeks, but an interesting correspondence between the two colleges has taken place.

The games were postponed for the spring recess, Harvard having somewhat of an advantage in position in both games, particularly in the Scotch. Shortly after the recess, a rather surprising communication was received asking that the games be postponed "sine die." The reasons which Yale gave for this proposition were that she considered the game even, and that it was difficult to make the moves at this time of year.

The executive committee for Harvard realized the difficulty of carrying on a match at this time of the year, but were by no means willing to postpone the games. Accordingly they replied that they did not consider the games even, and an indefinite postponement could not be agreed to. The games have finally been resumed, and the following moves were made yesterday:


Harvard. Yale.

(27) B-Kt 3.

R x R. (28)


Yale. Harvard.

B-Q 2. (27) B-Kt 4.