'92 NINE. - Practice on Norton's at 3.30 sharp. Everyone who was called out for the class game must be present.

'94 NINE. - Practice today on Norton's at 4 p. m. sharp.

J. B. LOWELL, Capt.FRESHMAN NINE. - All candidates be on Jarvis at 3.00 p.m. ready to play Cambridge High and Latin.

J. S. WADSWORTH.MEN who received postals from me last week will find their caps and gowns at the store of the Co-operative Society.


A. R. CRANDELL.CONCERT OF THE MUSICAL CLUBS. - Date May 19. No general public sale of tickets. Thursday, May 12, at 7 a. m., each member of musical clubs can purchase, or have reserved till Monday at Thurston's, ten tickets. Each member must pay for his tickets on receipt, and sign his name on them. Any member of the University can buy one ticket after 10 a. m. Thursday. Further notice tomorrow.

EXEC. COMM.CAMERA CLUB. - Important meeting on Wednesday evening, at 7.30 p. m., at 24 Holyoke Street.

G. M. CUSHING, Sec.SPRING TOURNAMENT. - Open to all members of the University. Entries for both singles and doubles, (entrance fee $1.00 for each man), can be made in the blue book at Leavitt & Peirce's. Entries close May 21st, at 6 p. m. All men who desire to have their names considered for the Leagues should enter this tournament.


T. HOPPIN, Sec. H. L. T. A.CRICKET. - The following men will meet at 21 Little's at 7.30 this evening for the consideration of matters of interest to the eleven: Garrett, Skinner, Caulbach, Chew, Mac Veagh, Dinsmore, Wells, Bates, Pool, Curtis, Smith, Hockley, Griswold.

C. ST. C. SKINNER, Capt.