Yale Nine.

The following criticism of the Yale nine, taken from the Yale Alumni Weekly, ought to be especially interesting to Harvard men. As will be seen the make-up has been somewhat changed from that in most of the games in April, and the nine is considered much stronger than it was at that time:

Kedzie as catcher is much better than he was at third base, where his faults were "fighting" the ball, failing to judge a good bound on ground balls and weak throwing. His throwing to second is much surer than it was from third to first. He has too great a tendency to allow balls to go through him. This will be remedied by practice. He is a fair and lucky batter and fair base runner.

Bowers, pitcher, has shown admirable effectiveness in some games, and has been hit fairly hard in some others. His weakening towards the end of a game is due to overwork. He should be used less often if his effectiveness is to be preserved. He watches bases well, keeps cool, and is batting better than he did last year. He is a weak base runner.

Jackson, first base, does not play the base as well as Carter, who may resume that position. He is very weak on ground hits, throws poorly, slow runner and much below the average in batting.

Norton, second base, covers a great deal of ground and is a sure thrower. He fields thrown balls and hard hits well, but is apt to fumble slow grounders. He is a good base runner and weak batter.


Rustin at third base, is new in that position. He does not as yet play the position as he should, but will improve with practice. He is quick to field ground balls and throws fairly well to first base. Is awkward in catching thrown balls and touching the runner. He is a weak batter and ordinary base runner.

Murphy, short stop, is the best fielder on the nine. He is quick, cool, and an accurate thrower. He handles the men well and lends steadiness to the infield. He is a good base runner, but is not batting as well as was expected.

Case, left field, has improved in fielding since last year, is batting well and runs bases fairly well. Should practice throwing to the plate as soon as his shoulder is sound.

Beall, center field, fields, bats and runs bases well, but is weak in throwing in from the field.

Bliss, right field, fields well, but is a weak batter and only a fair base runner.

Carter, at first base is good in fielding both high and low thrown balls. Is a quick accurate thrower. His reach gives him an advantage over other candidates for this position. His weaknesses are fielding grounders, base running and batting.

The nine as a whole, shows weak team play, poor judgment in base running and batting below the average. While the fielding is generally good, easy chances are missed almost as often as hard ones. Hard practice in team work, throwing to the plate and batting, and more care in base running from now until the first game with Princeton should result in a marked improvement. The team is unfortunate in having only one reliable pitcher. Saving him for the important games will result in the loss of some minor games, but the importance of doing this will be seen later.

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