H. A. A. Spring Meeting.

The annual spring out-door meeting of the Harvard Athletic Association took place yesterday afternoon on Holmes Field, on a slow track, in half a drizzle. The records made were slow in the sprints, good in the distance runs, and exceptionally good in the hammer and shot events. Far and away the best performance of the day, however, was the two mile bicycle race, in which the record was lowered from five minutes, 46 1-5 seconds, to 5 minutes, 38 4-5 seconds.

The first event was the 120 yard hurdle race, in which there were three entries, T. C. Smith '92, Fearing '93, and Shead '93. The race was won, to the surprise of the spectators, by Shead, in 16 4-5 sec., with Fearing not a very close second.

The 100 yards dash was run in two heats, in the first of which the starters were Hawes '92, Cook '92, Priest '95, Prescott '94, and Thompson '93. Hawes won in 10 3 5 sec., with Thompson a good second. The second heat, in which were Sullivan '94, Bloss '94. Greenough '9f, and G. F. Brown Jr. '92, was won by Brown in the same time, with Bloss second.

In the final heats of the 100 yards dash, which came later and in which the firsts and seconds of the trial heats ran, the first race was a dead heat between Hawes and Brown in 10 1-2 sec. In the run off, Brown won; time 10 3-5 sec.

Four men, R. H. Davis, L. S. Pratt '94, P. W. Davis '93, and Elliot '95, started in the two mile bicycle race. Pratt took the lead at the start, but on the second lap Davis passed L.S., him and set the pace for the rest of the race, until the spurt on the last lap. Throughout the race the four men kept close together, but when the spurt came on the last lap, R. H. Davis dropped back and let the three undergraduates have it out. These three finally crossed the line all in a bunch, with P. W. Davis a winner in 5 min., 38 4-5 sec.; Pratt second, and Elliot third. This breaks the former American collegiate record of 5 min., 43 sec., made by Hamilton of Yale in '82, and the Harvard record of 5 min., 46 1-5 sec., made by Pratt last spring. The race was one of the prettiest ever ridden on Holmes field.


All six entries started in the mile walk, - Endicott '94, Bardeen '92, J. A. Thayer L. S., Norton '93, H. W. Thayer '95, and F. Johnson Jr. '95. They kept well together until the lap, when Endicott and Bardeen opened a pace between themselves and the rest of the crowd, Endicott finally winning with a good lead, in 7 min., 19 sec.

In the first trial heat of the 440 yards dash, Wright '92, Bingham '95, C. E. Hutchinson '93, and Goodrich '93 started, Wright winning in 54 1-5 sec.; Hutchinson second.

Pillsbury '95. Sackett L. S, Pinkham '92, and Merrill '94, formed the second heat. Merrill won in 55 sec.; Pinkham second.

When it came to the finals, Wright won in 51 4-5 sec., after a hard race, with Merrill a good second.

All seven entries came to the scratch in the mile run, and the race was an exceedingly pretty one. Fenton '95 set the pace, but at the last turn Lowell '92, Nichols L. S., and Collamore '93 passed him, and finished in the order named, Lowell's time being 4 min., 35 1-5 sec., just one second slower than the Harvard record, which he himself holds. The starters were Fenton '95, A. Blake '93, Hinckley '95, Nichols L. S., Carr M. S, Lowell '92 Schereschewsky '95, and Collamore '93.

Fearing '93. Duane '92, Burr L. S., and Coonley '94 ran in the first trial beat of the 220 yards hurdle race. Fearing winning in 26 4-5 sec., with Duane second. McNear '95, Allen '93 and Guerin '93, were in the second heat; Allen won in 27 3-5 sec.; Guerin second. In the final heat, Fearing won in 25 4-5 sec., with Duane second.

In the half mile run seven men, Whittier '94. Hubbell '93. Batchelder '92, Corbin '92, Emerson '95, White '92, and Lakin '94, started. Lakin set the pace for a lap and a half, but in the spurt for the place Batchelder and Corbin passed him, and he finished a close third, just ahead of Hubbell. Corbin won in 2 min., 3 3-5 sec.; Batchelder second.

The 220 yards dash was run in one heat, Thompson '93, Greenough '95, Cook '92, Hawes '92, and Latham '92. being the starters. Hawes won easily over Thompson in 23 1-5.

Of the field events, putting the shot was won by Evins L. S., with a put of 38 ft., 5 1-2 in.; Mackie '94 second, with 34 ft. 1-2 in., and Fearing third, with 33 ft., 3 in.

Evins also won the hammer event, throwing 100 ft., 10 in. H. R. Allen '92 took second with 85 ft., 8 in., and Green '92 third, with 80 ft., 8 in.

There was no contest in the pole vault.

In the running high jump Fearing cleared 5 ft., 9 1-4 in.; Green did 5 ft., 6 1-4, and Chaney '94, 5 ft. 4 1-4.

Shead, Green, Bloss and Wheelwright contested the running broad jump, Bloss winning with a jump of 21 ft., 5 3-4 in.; Shead second, with 20 ft., 6 1-4 in.