There will be a regular meeting of the CRIMSON Board at 6.45 this evening.

THE CLASS GAME TODAY. - We the undersigned have agreed to keep the crowd on both sides back of the ropes in the game today and not allow any fire arms fire crackers or any other explosives to be used during the game.

J. B. LOWELL, '94,J. S. WADSWORTH '95.CRIMSON EDITORS' NIGHT. The first extra meeting of the CRIMSON Board will take place in the Sanctum at 9 this evening. Ex-editors are invited.

The following men must be on Norton's at 3.30 sharp to play Hopkinson. Hollis, Codman, Young, Rankin, Wood, Thorndike, Pillsbury, Curtis, Brown, Lake, Cummin and Allen.

SPRING TOURNAMENT. - Open to all members of the University. Entries for both singles and doubles, (entrance fee $1.00 for each man), can be made in the blue book at Leavitt & Peirce's. Entries close May 21st, at 6 p. m. All men who desire to have their names considered for the Leagues next year should enter this tournament. First second and consolation prizes will be given.



T. HOPPIN, Sec. H. L. T. A.'94 NINE - The following men must be out on Jarvis at 3.15 today: Mackie, Harding, Quigley, Hapgood, Linfield, Gray, H. Cabot, P. Cabot, Beals, Clark, Coburn.

J. B. LOWELL, Capt.'92 NINE. - Practice at 3.30 on Nortons Field. Everyone must be present. Young and Walcott at 4.