Crew Notes.

In spite of the disagreeable weather during the past week, the 'varsity crew has continued to row from fourteen to eighteen miles a day, and as a result of this hard work, it has made considerable improvement. The coaching is still directed almost entirely to developing the oarsmanship and watermanship, no effect as yet having been made to develop speed. The watermanship of the crew however is by no means weak at the present time.

Last week a marked change was made in the arrangement of the men. Ninde who was not very well, was replaced at stroke by Lynam. and for the rest of the week, did only light work in the single.

Winthrop, who has been rowing 2, took Lynam's place at 4 and Rantoul, who has been rowing substitute in the pair oar, took Winthrop's place at 2. At 3 Cummings has rowed part of the time every day and Slade the rest of the time. The order now is:

Stroke, Lynam, M. S.

7, Kelton '93.


6, Acton '93.

5, Waters '94.

4, Winthrop L. S.

3, Cummings '93.

2, Rantoul '92.

Bow, Newell '94.