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Drawings for Tournament


The drawings for preliminary and first rounds have resulted as follows: The matches must absolutely be played off at the time scheduled and defaults will be allowed fifteen minutes after the hours. Efforts have been made to suit the unoccupied hours of the players as far as possible. All courts will be reserved for matches but members of the University may use any which may not be required. Balls may be obtained at Carey building. Matches will be best two in three, vantage only in the third. The matches will be played at the following hours: At 10 a.m. - J. A. Garland Jr. '93, vs. A. P. Teele '95, T. Ewing Jr. L. S., vs. E. C. Bradlee '94; P. P, Sharples '95, vs. J. H. Hunt '92; C. B. Gleason '94, vs. P. Gardner '94.

At 12 m. - J. B. Read '95 vs. E. S. Dodge '95.

At 1.30 p. m. - A. S. Pier '95, vs. R. E. Phillips '93; H. A. L. Sande '95, vs. J. H. Chase '93; M. L. Sands '94, vs. H. Wylie L. S.; A. J. Boyden '95, vs. P. L. Atherton '93; A. P. Carter '94, vs. A. S. G. Taylor '94.

At 3.30 p. m. - R. E. Leach '92, vs. A. Von W. Leslie '94; C. A. Shaw vs. G. A. Page '93; M. L. Johnston '95 vs. P. A. Crap L. S.; W. Hoag '94 vs. W. Lyman '95; S. C. Howard '94 vs. F. L. DeLong L. S.; C. S. French '95, vs. F. E. Frothingham '94; Winner of Read-Dodge vs. winner of Garland-Teele; winner of Pier-Phillips vs. J. T. Stickney; W. C. Bailey Jr. '94, vs. H. R. Simonds '94.

DOUBLES.1. Lyman and Chase vs. Boyden and Bradley; 2. Winslow and Read vs. Hunt and Johnston; 3 winner of (1) vs. Gardner and King. 4. Winner of (2) vs. Stevens and Garland.

These matches to be played off before Thursday at the convenience of the players.

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