Conference Francaise Play.

The members of the Conference Francaise have been hard at work for over a month preparing for the production of Moliere's "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme," which will take place in Brattle Hall, Monday evening at eight o'clock. Professor de Sumichrast has been coaching the players, and great care has been taken to make the performance excellent in every way. The parts will be taken as follows:

M. Jourdain, J. T. Stickney '95.

Madame Jourdain, H. C. Sherwood '93.

Lucile, C. W. Shope '94.

Cleonte, W. H. Garland '94.

Dorimene, M. Ostheimer '94.

Dorante, J. R. Oliver '94.

Nicole, H. C. Smith '93.

Correlle, J. T. Kilbreth, Jr. '94.

Maitre de Musique, W. F. Boos '94.

Eleve du Maitre de Musique, S. E. Marvin, Jr. '93.

Maitre a Sauser, A. R. Tisdale L. S.

Mastre d' Armes, J. Caswell '95.

Maitre de Philosophie, S. L. Wolff '93.

Maitre Tailleur, S. E. Fenollosa '95.

Garcon Tailleur, H. S. Stone '94.